7 Great Benefits Of Cubeb Essential Oil

 health benefits of cubeb oil
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 cubeb essential oil uses

Cubeb arrived in the European subcontinent from the east through the spice routes tightly controlled by the Arabs. Arab traders called this spice kubeba, and it was an essential staple for early alchemists and herbal practitioners. Records from all around the world show that this spice has been in use since the 4th century BC and most likely a lot earlier. With a peppery flavor and tone similar to allspice, this is one of the oldest spices cultivated for commerce.

The cubeb spice is harvested in small berries that look just like peppercorns. The plants are quite different, however, and produce crops with long tails, giving rise to its traditional name "tailed" pepper. The pericarps can be any color, from brown to red and yellow, but the seed is small, white, and oily. The odor of the plant and spice is very agreeable and aromatic. The oils are far more persistent and have a pungent and slightly bitter quality.

In China, the physicians of the Tang Dynasty used cubeb to darken the hair, treat the loss of appetite, and control "demon vapors." Tibetan records showed that this spice was important for engaging and healing the spleen. A famous German abbess, writer, scholar, philosopher, and more mentioned that cubeb can be used as an antiseptic and also has curative properties for the nervous system. The following short guide will include a few of the most important benefits that cubeb essential oils have for health and even hygiene.

 health benefits of cubeb oil

1Alleviates Oral Infections

This German abbess was right; cubeb has unique properties as an antiseptic and also as an antimicrobial or astringent. These properties make the essential oil of cubeb an effective treatment for the microbes and organisms that cause halitosis and gum disease. Bleeding gums, cavities, and all other conditions caused by poor oral hygiene can be addressed with the following solution.

Add a single drop of cubeb essential oil to a cup of warm water. Stir it well and then use this antiseptic as a gargle each time you brush your teeth. It is far more effective than any commercial chemical mouthwash.

Gingivitis is the number one cause of all these conditions and should be controlled to prevent tooth loss with the progression of age. Healthy gums would be a pale pink hue and fairly firm; if they start turning red or ashy white, this is not a good sign. Be sure that you are keeping up with your regular checkups and following your dentist's advice for the best results.

cubeb essential oil benefits

2Discards Toxic Substances

Cubeb essential oils are also powerful diuretics, allowing the body to efficiently and thoroughly eliminate the harmful toxins and substances that can build up in the body. This is an especially significant benefit in this era of convenience where lifestyles contribute to high quantities of uric acid, salts, cholesterols, and more. This can easily lead to health conditions if left unchecked.

As a diuretic, cubeb essential oils help the body produce and increase the quantity of urine each day. Apply a couple of drops in your warm bath each evening. You can also add a couple of drops to a carrier oil, like coconut oil or olive oil, and apply this treatment as a topical massage. Ayurvedic medicine recommends combining two drops of cubeb oil with five drops of sesame oil for a therapy that can cure obesity, urinary tract infections, and inflammation of the lower abdomen.

 how to use cubeb oil

3Assists In Proper Digestion

Universidade de Franca conducted an important study back in 2012 on the "efficacy of the essential oil of Piper cubeba against S. mansoni," and the results were published in Pubmed. The study suggested that Piper cubeba essential oil offers vital protection against the schistosomula, cercariae, and adult S. mansoni worms. Schistosoma mansoni is an intestinal parasite that can cause a host of intestinal discomforts.

Cubeb has a spicy and pungent quality like pepper does. This potency can boost Pitta energy, and this is important when addressing diseases and conditions like flatulence, indigestion, loss of appetite, parasites, and constipation. Pitta dosha controls the metabolic functions of the body and represents fire and water elements. If you are dealing with digestive disorders, combine two drops of cubeb essential oil with coconut oil and massage this slowly across the abdomen.

cubeb essential oil benefits

4Enhances Sexual Performance

Since the times of the Kama Sutra, this oil has been used. The Arabs have been keeping a record of their own special aphrodisiacs and treatments for the disruptions of sexual appetite. From erectile dysfunction, infertility, and impotence to enhanced performance and greater arousal, the spicy nature of cubeb essential oil boosts warmth and intimacy.

Create an exotic and sensual massage oil that will soothe the senses. Prepare the body for sexual activity by combining two drops of cubeb oil with nutmeg oil. A warm bath or diffuser with a couple of drops of cubeb essential oil and ylang-ylang oil will have a similar, though, unique effect.

 health benefits of cubeb oil

5Cures Throat Irritations And Coughs

Cubeb oils have been found to be similar to nutmeg oils and slightly camphorous as well. Many of the ancient uses of this oil were for treating respiratory conditions and soothing coughs. It has also been applied to ease the symptoms of bronchitis.

Camphor qualities react with nerve endings and pain receptors of the throat. This will soothe pain and itchiness. This itchiness is associated with coughing and wheezing caused by environmental conditions.

 health benefits of cubeb oil

6Helps Relieve Congestion

Vitiated Kapha dosha can cause conditions related to water retention like excess mucus and phlegm. This can lead to respiratory ailments and excessive blowing of the nose in the morning. Chest congestion and bronchitis are related to this condition.

Cubeb essential oil is an effective treatment for reducing this issue, relieving congestion, and allowing for free breathing. You can use cubeb oil like you would a vapor rub; add a small amount to your steam inhalation container and breathe deeply. Similarly, it can be added to your vapor rub and rubbed on the chest and back.

 what is cubeb oil good for

7Other Uses Of Cubeb

The beneficial properties of cubeb essential oil also make it a necessary ingredient in oral cleansers, toothpaste, lozenges, and spirits. At one point, "mediated cigarettes" were even sold that contained cubeb, which made a rough cigarette easier to smoke. As you can see, the treatment is effective on many levels.

Ayurvedic and Arabic medicines used this spice. They included this spice in their treatments for arthritis and joint conditions. It is important to remember that this essential oil should only be applied in a diluted form.

 health benefits of cubeb oil

Cubeb essential oil is a possible skin irritant. For this reason, it should be used with caution. Never apply the undiluted cubeb oil to your skin.

Combine it with a carrier oil that is gentle. If you have sensitive skin, try a small amount on the skin, like on your arm. If you have no adverse reactions within 24 hours, you can add your carrier oil solution to the rest of the body.

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